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The more you understand anxiety the easier it is to overcome. Hypnotherapy helps with different types of anxiety enabling people to do things that others seem have no difficulty with. Such as social gatherings, travelling on public transport, taking a flight, public speaking or examinations. Or you may experience the type of anxiety that is constantly with you and does not relate to a particular situation, you worry excessively, ruminate about the past, over-analyse conversations, often imagine worst case scenarios and feel out of control. I'll help you understand why feeling anxious is a natural human response, why yours has reached excessive levels and how it’s affecting your behaviour and limiting you. You'll develop an awareness of what triggers the anxiety and learn strategies to take back control. During the process you'll create positive thought patterns and effective behaviours. It's common to notice confidence and self-belief increasing from the first session, an added benefit to taking control of your anxiety or it going away altogether.

Traumatic Experiences

Each time you think about an experience that made you feel helpless, frightened or distressed you’re producing the same chemistry in your brain and your body as if it was happening again now. Repeatedly experiencing the emotions from a traumatic event can cause panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, angry outbursts, anxiety, stress and insomnia. The emotions caused by the memory of the trauma keep you living in the past even though you want nothing more than to get beyond a bad experience so that you can have a happy future. Hypnotherapy enables you to break the pattern of revisiting the trauma and teaches you to manage the emotions. Bad memories can be de-traumatised using a technique that's non-intrusive and doesn't require you to revisit the event in great detail. This technique allows your brain to reprocess the event without high emotion or fear attached, the event can then be translated into non-threatening memories instead of being experienced by your mind as something that's still happening.


It's frustrating when an uncontrolled, persistent and irrational fear prevents you from doing something you would like to do. Perhaps a fear of flying stops you from jetting off on an adventure or a fear of spiders makes you break out in a cold sweat. Your fear compels you to avoid the object, activity, or situation that provokes the phobia. We weren't born with these fears, the fear was learned or something happened, possibly something seemingly insignificant mostly likely during childhood. As far as the brain is concerned it's no different from a trauma because the same neuronal pathways are activated, this means that phobias can effectively be treated with hypnotherapy in a similar way to treating trauma by lowering the emotional response to the phobia, enabling you to cope and no longer feel fearful.


My Approach

Free consultation

It's not always necessary to have a consultation, sometimes a telephone conversation is enough for both of us to exchange the necessary information about a treatment and we can begin work immediately at your first session. However, if you would like to understand more about hypnotherapy and speak to me in person before we start the treatment consultation is a good way to do this and is free of charge with no obligation.

Your first session

At your first session I’ll spend some time finding out about you, what you'd like to change and what you want to achieve. Together we’ll identify the unhelpful thoughts or behaviours that are holding you back and based upon what we discuss I'll be able to then tell you how many sessions you’re likely to need. I’ll explain hypnotherapy in detail and you can ask me any further questions you may have about the process.

Follow up sessions

At each session we'll discuss your progress and new insights you’re discovering throughout the process, this is followed by your session of hypnosis tailored by myself to meet your needs and desired goals. Hypnosis is very relaxing and induces feelings of contentment, this will very likely be your favourite part of the session.

What to expect for the future

Clinical Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to create positive thought processes and develop new and much more effective behaviours. You'll notice good feelings within yourself simply because you've taken control of something that previously had control of you. It's common for my clients to experience an all-round improvement, the positive effects of hypnotherapy seems to spill over into other parts of their life pulling everything together creating emotional calm and balance.

My Approach

How hypnotherapy works

What happens when I'm hypnotised?

We all naturally slide into a hypnotic state several times a day when daydreaming, driving, watching a movie or losing yourself in a book. Anytime you become completely absorbed in a task and unaware of what’s happening around you, you’re in the same state of trance achieved during hypnosis. With your mind deeply relaxed and feeling calm your subconscious can focus its attention and become much more open to change.

How does it work?

I’ll begin with you can’t be made to say or do anything you don’t want to do, no clucking like a chicken and no blurting out your secrets. While you’re hypnotised if you hear something strange your conscious mind will immediately become aware of it and bring you out of hypnosis to find out what’s going on. You’ll become hypnotised by listening to words and visualisations I’ve chosen specifically for you, your thoughts will stop bouncing around and your mind will focus only on my words. When relaxed and calm the conscious mind feels happy to take a back seat and it stops filtering through huge amounts of information, it's then that it becomes possible to communicate with the subconscious mind. This is the place where all habits, behaviours and fears are stored ready to be used anytime your mind wants to make your feel good or keep you safe, for example by telling you to snack or comfort eat or by making you feel like you're in danger if you stand up on stage to address a crowd. Hypnosis successfully creates the right calm and relaxed conditions for your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions and directions to help you do things such as break a bad habit, change an unwanted behaviour or overcome anxiety, trauma or a phobia.

Will it work for me?

When you decide to have hypnotherapy you will already have decided you want to improve your experience of life and you’ll already be fully committed to changing an unwanted behaviour or reverse a habit. You cannot be hypnotised against your will, hypnosis is not something that's 'done to you', it's a therapy that facilitates you to take action and make progress towards your desired goals. Therefore the answer to this that it's not a magic wand but with your intentions in the right place together we can successfully get your behaviours to align with your intentions and create the changes you want to make for yourself.

How many sessions will I need?

After your consultation I’ll be able to tell you how many sessions you will require. To give you an idea, treatment of phobias usually requires 2 sessions, other treatments for anxiety or overcoming a traumatic experience is usually  4 to 6 sessions . A consultation is free of charge or you could first call me for an informal chat, I would love to hear from you on 07793 561 835.

Why hypnotherapy?


Single Session

1 hour


Calm & Confident Birthing 

5 sessions


What does it cost?
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