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Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

Target stress or anxiety during lockdown

Effectively manage thoughts and feelings

Build resilience for the future


Perhaps you're down or anxious - feeling uncertain about the future, worrying about job security or feeling overwhelm and despair about our current times and all the complications we now face. Whatever your needs may be, I'm here to offer support. In my sessions I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and reactions.

What I want for us is lower stress levels, fears under control, frustrations in check and a calm mind. It's looking like we'll be navigating this storm for an unknown amount of time. I believe that hypnosis and practical techniques that you can learn will help you to continue to cope with your everyday circumstances, manage your perspective as our circs unfold/progress, observe and handle events with a calm approach and mostly keep your eyes on the horizon.

Online Hypnotherapy

via  Zoom video calling

From the comfort of your home

Hypnosis via Zoom video calling is proving successful, I'll even admit that I initially felt daunted and wondered if I could be as effective, however what I'm finding is that clients are much more calm and comfortable in their homes, time constraints are relaxed and there's no journey on public transport or battling through traffic. The effect of these elements means that we're already primed to start the session from a good place. 


Unexpectedly I'm finding that online hypnotherapy has it's own benefits. I feel good when my client feels good and I'm discovering that's when a session comes together effortlessly producing the great results.


We'll discuss what you'd like to achieve and how hypnotherapy can help you.

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We'll make contact via Zoom video calling at the pre-arranged time and begin achieving your goals.

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