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We spend a lot of our thinking time hypnotising ourselves with negative thoughts. Hypnotherapy breaks unhelpful pattern and, instead guides our thoughts in a much more positive and productive direction.

​I have to say that hypnotherapy still gives me lovely surprises. I It almost seems like it works magically but that there is in fact a lot of really interesting neuroscience behind it. Working together with clients I watch as they reach realisations and then find that they are able to mould themselves in a positive way. And each time it works I still secretly say to myself 'wow, it works'. The other reason hypnotherapy is right up my street is because it focuses on the solution, on the goal, and takes the focus off whatever has happened in the past. it stops your mind having its say in what you should fear or what messages you should elps you to take control of fears, obsessive thinking, low self-esteem and many other ways your mind has of restricting you.  The best way that I cour suan explain hypnosis in simple terms is a set of ideas and suggestions being presented to your subconscious mind it's feeling relaxed, content and calm.  encourage it come into allignment with your desires, the ideas and suggestions I give to your subconscious mind are chosen to help give it an new understanding that you don't necessarily